The Results are In!

  • Aug 13, 2019

A Big Thank you to all that participated in our survey last week.  We so appreciate you taking the time to complete these questions that will help us fine tune our message so it is more valuable to you. 

GREAT News-Everyone who responded will get the wireless charger, BAD news, there was a glitch with survey monkey and it didn't collect your email!  Please email me ASAP HERE so we can get your gift out to you!

I wanted to be transparent and share the results with you. If you have never surveyed your clients or employees as a business owner I highly recommend it!  It's interesting and educational to see, in this case, what our marketing this year has been perceived as.  By having this information, we hope we can better curate the message for you so that we bring value to your day!


Moving forward we will certainly take our customers suggestions into account.  Our goal is is always to be of Value to you and your organization! Together we succeed!