Cozy Up!

  • Nov 5, 2019

When considering the vast array of popular promotional products, cuddle-worthy wearables certainly top the list as fan favorites. From cozy socks and plush jackets to snug scarves and comfy throws, branded products that allow wearers to bundle up and nestle in during cool weather can become go-to pieces for years to come—making for satisfied clients and unlimited brand recognition.

Softies At Heart

Cozy apparel offers more than physical comfort: the act of being cozy is actually good for your health, and it’s recognized across cultures. In Denmark, “hygge”—pronounced “hoo-gah”—is a term commonly used to reference feelings of coziness, contentment and wellbeing. Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, has said that “hygge” is deeply engrained in Danish culture, so much so that it’s considered part of the country’s makeup—and winter, the coziest season of all, has been dubbed the “most hygge” time of the year. In Switzerland, the word “mys” is used to describe a similar experience, and “Fredagsmys,” or Friday coziness, is a commonly understood “hobby.” (Count us in.) In Germany and Austria, “gemütlichkeit” refers to the mind state of comfort and coziness. And in Jefferson City, Wisconsin, which dubs itself “The Gemütlichkeit City,” gemütlichkeit is celebrated during a three-day festival.

But perhaps the reason we love coziness most of all, is because it’s the near-opposite of stress. And according to the American Psychological Association, Americans’ stress hasn’t decreased. In a nationwide survey of 3,440 adults, nearly half of respondents ranked their stress levels  as 4.8. on a 10-point scale and 45 percent of Americans experienced stress-related sleeplessness in 2017, compared to 40 percent in 2016. What better way to rest, recharge and relax than with a velvety, soft blanket, or a comfy, fleece hoodie—and one you’ll use for years to come?

With winter around the bend—yes, we said it—there are also new styles to consider for luxe outwear, offering wearers the at-home feeling of comfort while on the go. Some of the styles that will make their way into retail this fall are below-the-knee-length printed coats, blazers, cropped jackets, brightly colored pea coats and faux shearling coats. Consider any one of these sumptuous solutions to give your brand a comfy-cozy, luxurious spin, with all eyes on your logo or message.


Snuggling up is one thing—but snuggling up in style is another. Refer to this list, gathered from Elle, for five trends to look for this fall and winter.

 Millennial purple, or a mélange of electric shades of purple, both light and dark

 Feather accents, perfect for complementing a beanie

  Asymmetrical necklines, think slouchy, off-the-shoulder sweaters

 Ren-faire, the renaissance revival, with square necklines and silhouettes

 Prep school—and yes, it’s just like it sounds: polo shirts and sweater vests galore


Thinking of a cozy gift for your employees this season?  We can Help!